Difference Between Web Service and Website

Difference Between Web Service and Website

A Web service is a web application component that uses a standardized format like XML to interact with other web applications over the internet. Check our post What is a Web Service? for a detailed explanation of web services.
Whereas a website is a collection of webpages put together which are accessed by a web browser.

Web Service Website
A web service doesn’t have a user interface. A website has a user interface or GUI.
Web services are meant for other applications to be interacted with over the internet. Websites are meant for use by humans.
Web services are platform independent as they use open protocols Websites are cross-platform as they require tweaking to operate on different browsers, operating systems, etc.
Web services are accessed by HTTP methods – GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. Websites are accessed by using their GUI components – buttons, text boxes, forms, etc.
E.g. Google maps API is a web service that can be used by websites to display Maps by passing coordinates to it. E.g. ArtOfTesting.com is a website that has a collection of related web pages containing tutorials.

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