White-box Testing vs Black-box Testing

White-box Testing vs Black-box Testing

White-box testing is a type of testing in which the tester has knowledge of the code and design of an application and uses the same to test the individual methods of the application.

Whereas, in black-box testing, the tester has no knowledge of the application code and does not have any access to the application. Just like an end-user.

Let’s now see the difference between the two.

Difference between White box and black box testing

White-box Testing Black-box Testing
In white-box testing, knowledge of application code and architecture is required. In black-box testing, knowledge of the internal functioning of the application is not required.
Using white-box testing, we can test many granular aspects of the application. Using black-box testing, we test the end to end functionality of the application.
It is generally performed by developers or QA with sound knowledge of programming and application architecture. An independent QA team performs black-box testing.
It is applicable in the lower levels of testing- unit testing and integration testing.
In which we have to deal with modules and their interfacing.
It is applicable to the higher levels of testing – system testing and acceptance testing.

In which we are required to test the application as a whole.

The different types of white-box testing techniques are-
Branch testing
Statement coverage
Decision coverage
Path testing
Data flow testing, etc.
The different types of black-box testing techniques are-
Decision table testing
Equivalence partitioning
Boundary value analysis
Use case testing, etc.

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