Test Scenarios of Keyboard

Test Scenarios of Keyboard

  1. Check if all the keys- characters, numeric, function, special characters, and arrow keys are present
  2. Verify the ordering of the keys is as per the QWERTY standard
  3. Check the functioning of each type of key-characters, numeric, function, special characters, and arrow keys
  4. Verify the working of the keys that work in combination like- shift+{other keys}
  5. Check if the dimension of the key is as per the specification
  6. Check the color of both keyboard body as well as the text written over the buttons
  7. Check if the font type and size is as per the specification and legible
  8. Check if the pressure required to press a key is not too high
  9. Check the spacing between two keys, keys should not be congested and at the same time not too widely placed
  10. Verify that in case of caps lock and other similar keys- an indicator light glows
  11. Check if keys don’t make too much noise when clicked
  12. Verify if the keyboard is a wireless or wired keyboard
  13. In case the keyboard is wireless, verify the range of keyboard
  14. In case of a wired keyboard, check the length of the keyboard
  15. Verify if the keyboard contains multimedia functions as well

Test Case Examples

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GMail Youtube Facebook ATM Machine
Chair Coffee Machine DateField Door
Calculator Fan Flight Reservation Car
Hospital Management Keyboard Kindle Lift
Mobile Phone Mouse Microwave Oven Notepad
Online Examination Pen Pencil Remote Control
Stapler Table Triangle TV
Wrist Watch Water Bottle Whatsapp White Board
Bike Marker Forgot Password Air Conditioner

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