Test scenarios for Mobile Phone

Test scenarios for Mobile Phone

Although there can be numerous test cases for mobile and considering smartphones, there can be even more test cases. But in this post, we will focus mainly on- Calling, SMS, and directory features.

  1. Verify that all the required buttons- numbers 0-9, calling buttons etc are present
  2. Verify that the user can make a call by pressing numbers and hitting calling(green) button
  3. Verify that user can make a call by selecting a contact person from the phone directory
  4. Verify that the user can reject an incoming call
  5. Verify that the user can receive an SMS
  6. Verify that the user can type and send an SMS
  7. Verify that the dimension of the mobile is as per specification
  8. Verify the screen size of the mobile
  9. Verify that the weight of the mobile is as per the specification
  10. Verify the font type and size of the characters printed on the keypad
  11. Verify the color of the mobile phone’s outer body and characters printed on keypad
  12. Verify the pressure required to press a key on the keypad
  13. Verify that spacing between the keys on the keypad are adequate
  14. Check the type of mobile- smartphone or normal
  15. Check if the mobile is colored or black-white
  16. Check the lighting on the mobile screen is adequate- verify in dark daylight
  17. Check if a mobile phone can be locked out without password or pin
  18. Check if mobile phone can be locked out with password or pin
  19. Verify that the mobile phone can be unlocked with/without password
  20. Verify that the user can receive a call when the phone is locked
  21. Verify that receiving a call when phone is locked, doesn’t unlock it after call completion
  22. Verify that user can select an incoming call and SMS alert ringtone
  23. Verify that the user can make silent or vibrate mode or incoming calls and SMS
  24. Verify the battery requirement of the mobile
  25. Verify the total time taken to charge the mobile completely
  26. Verify the total time for mobile to get completely discharged when left idle
  27. Verify the total talk for mobile to get completely discharged when continuously used in conversation
  28. Verify the length of charger wire
  29. Verify that mobile can be switched off and ON
  30. Verify that user can store contact details on the phone book directory
  31. Verify that user can delete and update contact details in the phonebook directory
  32. Verify that Call logs are maintained in the Call Logs
  33. Verify that received and Sent SMSs are saved in mobile
  34. Verify that user can silent the phone during an incoming call
  35. Verify the auto-reject option can be applied and removed on particular numbers

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