Applications of Computer

Applications of Computer

Since computers have been introduced in our lives there has been no going back. Applications of computer are the bridge between us and our work. They are our greatest helps to perform tasks speedily and meticulously. Humans tend to make 10 times more errors than a computer. Therefore, all sectors of industries prefer it.

In this article, we have listed how the computer has been a boon to different sectors of industries by checking the different applications of computers.


application of computer business

One of the major applications of computers is in businesses. Computers have helped businesses boom. From small scale to huge business empires computers are an essential part of these businesses. Let us look at some of the ways computers are helping businesses prosper.

  1. Accounting – The whole and soul of a business comes down to the management of funds. In order to manage financial accounts and inventory daily, computers have the biggest role in accounting. There is software available to maintain the records daily. For example, Busy Accounting, ZOHO books, Tally, etc.
  2. E-commerce websites – Computers have taken the world of business to another level through e-commerce websites. One does not need to connect to the vendor by visiting a physical shop. Online shopping can be done within the convenience of your home. In conclusion, small businesses grow faster without huge investments.
  3. Data mining – All the companies are working on huge data sets. This huge data is entrusted only with computers. Therefore, data mining is extraction of huge data for useful information for the benefit of the company. In other words, data mining is using raw data to find something useful through analysis. Computers do everything, from the collection of data to warehousing it.


applications of computer

Various effective ways have been introduced over the past few years so as to provide education available to every kid in the world. This view is now converting reality with the assistance of computers. Let us see how the applications of computer have been part of the revolution in the field of education.

  1. Online classes – One can now connect to an educator from any part of the world through a computer and a stable internet connection. Moreover, various prestigious institutes now provide free lectures by their faculty to students all over the world. The distance and physical presence in the classroom is no more a limitation.

    In addition, students can get connected to their teachers any day any time and from any part of the world. Therefore, education is now possible for everyone.

  2. Aid in learning – Various companies in the education business have introduced interactive programs where students can learn the syllabus. It is more fun and interactive. These programs have high definition audios and visuals which grab the attention of young learners. Consequently making them attend school every day. In addition, creating interest in learning.
  3. Research – Many colleges and universities have high-level computers for research purposes. These computers are kept for learning purposes secondly, to provide enhanced education to the students.


application of computer government

With so much work and information at stake, even the government sector uses the different computer applications for various purposes. Let’s look at some of the ways computers aid the government sector.

  1. Military – Computers have been beneficial to the military in several ways. Such as controlling smart weapons, for communication, geospatial analysis to get alert from sudden attacks, guiding sensors in remote areas, etc. The armed forces are heavily dependent on the computer and latest technologies.
  2. Meteorological department – supercomputers are responsible for weather forecasting printed in the newspapers. This subsequently helps the farmers to plan day-to-day decisions, protect life and property, and what to wear on the day to day basis. The data that is received through satellites and radars are collected by these supercomputers. This is done to analyze and forecast the weather.
  3. Data handling – A huge amount of data is present with the government. It contains information on national security, personal details of the citizens, budget, and much more. Such data needs to be hidden and secured. In addition, it needs to be organized too. Computers are the best way to keep data secured and organized which can be extracted anytime without any hassle.



With everything switching to online the banks have too supported the initiative and are slowly being available 24×7 through online platforms.

  1. E-banking – From transferring funds without human intervention to withdrawing and depositing money everything is now possible through online banking. All the banks have their online platforms to performs all these tasks without physically visiting the bank. Moreover, this prevents chances of fraud and robbery to a great extent.
  2. Data maintenance – Computers now come with high-security software that helps in maintaining private data security. In addition, this prevents theft of personal information of clients like their account numbers, phone numbers of addresses.

Arts and Entertainment


The movies you watch with those special sound and visual effects, that is all the works of a computer. There is a huge usage of computers in the arts and entertainment industry.

  1. Video editing and graphics – All the animated or VFX-filled movies are all constructed on computers. computers do all the videos and sound editing. Even in normal movies, the picture is enhanced through a computer. Because a camera alone cannot produce natural colors in a way human eyes can perceive.
  2. Designing – Art designers, fashion designers, interior designers all these artistic people have switched from sketchbooks to computers to create and present their art. The color pallets available on the computer are much larger. In addition, even the textile prints are now custom-made. Computers design and print on cloth. This has taken the arts industry to a next level of creation.


applications of computer home

Personal computers have been a part of the household for nearly a decade. Computers are used by different age groups for different purposes. The adults might use it for office work. The children for playing games. And the teenagers for watching movies and listening to music. That is to say, there is everything for everyone.


Although the computer has been a boon to humankind, still it is always advised to use it wisely. As a coin has two opposite faces, computers too come with their own limitations.

Cybercrime, cyber hacking, online stalkers, unhealthy for eyes and body, the list goes on. Therefore, it is important to understand no matter how technology assists us in our work, we should never get addicted to it. We should always be cautious while being on the internet.

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