Characteristics of Computer

Characteristics of Computer

With the advancement in technology, computers are now part of our day-to-day chores. This makes it very important that we understand the different applications of computers. Below are some of the characteristics of computer that make it truly reliable. In addition, they are a great help to humans.

11 Characteristics of Computer


speed - Characteristics of Computer

Most of the advantages of the computer come from its speed. A computer is capable of solving a complex problem 10 times faster than a human mind. A computer can handle about 1,000,000 instructions per second.

The tasks are performed within microseconds and nanoseconds. This speed helps in completing time-bound tasks and delivering the output without any delay. This speed is one of the main characteristics of computer and has helped humans to a great extent.


Characteristics of a computer - accuracy

With speed comes the responsibility for accurate results. The computer is capable of giving almost 100% accurate results. Be it any complex calculation, a computer delivers it with zero errors.

If any error is found, it’s mostly due to inaccurate or insufficient data provided by the user. A computer can work consistently alongside maintaining speed and no compromise in accuracy.



From major companies to banks to personal use, everyone has shifted their work to computers. Due to this, it is very important our data remains in safe hands. Be it day or night, computers are highly reliable. All the data transported through the different types of computer networks is carried out safely.

Many major companies rely on computers for data hiding and manipulation. Computers are responsible for all the calculations of large transactions. Hence, it would be safe to say computers are quite reliable.



Being consistent is one of the best characteristics of the computer. A computer never feels tired. It can work day and night, seven days a week. And most importantly without any error.

You can feed it with the same data multiple times, and each time result will be the same. No human can work day and night and give accurate results. A computer can work on trillions of instructions continuously and this is why it helps complete tasks within time


characteristics of a computer

Versatility means the “ability to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities“. A computer is a versatile machine. It can perform multiple tasks and not just complex calculations.

Due to the different functions of Computers, we can see them everywhere, in banks, offices, schools, shopping complexes, grocery stores, etc. And at each place, they perform different tasks. This shows that computers are versatile and can perform various tasks with the same efficiency and accuracy.



We know that computers are versatile, however, they can not only perform various tasks but also at the same time. They can work on different tasks at the same time, that too without slowing down or inaccuracy. That is to say, they are multitaskers.

For example, you can play YouTube in the background while downloading a movie from some other website and simultaneously playing a game. And all the applications will be perfectly fine without any hassle.

This can be easily and efficiently done by a computer. Thus computers are multitaskers and help complete various tasks simultaneously. Consequently saving a huge amount of time.

Power of Remembering

Characteristics of Computer

A human mind tends to forget things easily over time. Even information printed on paper fades away if kept for a long. But computer data neither fades nor gets lost. It is easy to access any information, randomly.

Whatever data is fed into the computer stays the same way for years and is only up to the user, when to access it modify it, or delete it. Thus, it makes a computer highly useful in terms of storing sensitive and important information.



The computer might be able to perform lengthy complex problems on its own. Even with zero errors. However, a computer does not have a mind of its own. It only works when a user feeds it with a piece of information or some instructions.

This proves that it cannot work on its own without a human command. The computer is incapable of making decisions on its own. Thus it is completely dependent on the user to get instructions. This means without a user it is a small useless mechanical box.


Automation Testing

A computer is an automated machine. even if it’s humans instruct it. This is because once the instructions are passed, the computer works on its own till the task is completely done. This includes zero human intervention.

Moreover, a computer performs tasks on a fixed schedule. It helps to set daily reminders, scan for viruses timely, perform types of software updates on its own, or perform system diagnostics.

All of this can be done without a user reminding the computer daily. A computer is helpful in large factories to pack and ship products. This all can be done with the help of a computer once it is fed with specific instructions.



A computer has a built-in memory. One is primary memory or the volatile memory called the RAM (Random access memory). Till the computer is connected to the power source. The data stored in RAM gets deleted once the power source is removed.

The other memory is secondary memory or permanent memory. Secondary memory stores all the data and it remains safe even after the power source removal. So, this characteristic of the computer of having its memory is highly useful.


SQl for testers database

Computers are capable of storing a large amount of data due to their huge storage capacity. Be it any kind of data games, music, movies, pictures, text documents, etc. in other words a computer can store it all.

Computers nowadays come with various storage capacities of up to 1TB. The storage is no limit to the storage. One can have external storage devices like CDs, pen drives, external hard drives, etc. to store data.

There is no limit to what amount of data can be stored. And the biggest advantage is that any of this data can be accessed randomly without any hassle. Thus computers are a great way to store our data safely for the longest time.


There has been an increase in the dependence on computers. Therefore, the modification of computers according to our needs is now important. However, even with all these characteristics of the computer, it must always be kept in mind that a computer is just a machine.

We should use it in limitations. Excess of everything is bad. There are equal harms and advantages. To sum up, I would say technology is a boon if used wisely.

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