Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Hello friends! in this article, we will check the advantages and disadvantages of computer systems.

With the advancement in technology, our whole lives are now dependent on the computer and the internet. Not even a day goes where they are not part of it.

From small-scale businesses to large industries, everyone is dependent on the computer. Their whole workflow is on it. There is no doubt this technology has been a boon to our generation.

However, with so many advantages also come a huge number of limitations of computers. In this article, we will discuss how the inclusion of computers in our lives has proved to be both advantageous as well disadvantageous.

Advantages of the computer


Speed - advantage of Computer

With the burden of performing multiple tasks simultaneously, the speed must be also maintained. Thankfully, computers can handle and process trillions of instruction sets, all at once. With this speed, tasks are completed on or before time.

Time saver

time saver

It is very obvious that if the speed is maintained task will be completed on time. This saves a huge amount of the client as well as the people involved in major projects, in terms of business. 



With giving high speed the computers are also greatly reliable in terms of maintaining accuracy at the same time. They can handle the most complex calculations with ease and give error-free answers.



Working on multiple projects at the same time can be tiresome for humans. It may also cause multiple errors and delays. This is where computers prove to be advantageous, as they can perform various tasks at the same time. For example, you can work on MS Word and can play songs simultaneously in the background, checking your emails on the side. Such multitasking can only be performed by a computer.



There is no need to keep a constant check on computers, they are completely automated. For example, in a food company, each box has to be filled and a constant check has to be kept, to avoid spillage and wastage. But with machines fully automated by computers, they will need specific instructions only once and the work will be done.


advantages of computer

Computers are quite spacious when it comes to storing data. With so vast information now available digitally huge storage space is now a necessity. Computers complete this necessity. The files can be stored for years and can be accessed quickly and efficiently.


With so much information being stored digitally, the data must remain secured and out of reach from fraud.  A computer provides data security by encrypting the data or key management through various applications available online.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Whatever technology is introduced it must be cost-cutting or cost-effective. Computers are one such thing that helps in reducing wastage and are cost-effective.

They have replaced the use of paper on many levels this saves wastage of paper and in turn saves trees, thus beneficial to the environment.

Nowadays, many businesses have also switched to online platforms. They just need to create a website and use social media marketing and SEO to market their products. This saves a lot of money thus helping businesses grow on a large scale.



The internet is accessible through computers. Everything has now become digital. From online banking to online shopping, everything is now through the Internet. This was all possible due to the increased usage of computers.

Creating employment


The introduction of computers in many sectors has created job opportunities for millions of people. The IT sector is booming and recruiting people now more than ever. People who could not leave their homes can now work from their homes due to the computer and access to the internet.

Disadvantages of Computer

Improper use

Although computers were invented to ease the lives of humans, however, they are now being used for just leisure purposes. Kids these days are glued to the screen playing games or using social media platforms. This has created a negative impact on their lives.


The Internet has now become a place for conducting cybercrimes. Stealing personal information, selling illegal products on the dark web, and unauthorized access to the bank accounts of people are some examples where computers are proving to be a curse.


With everything being automated computers have replaced humans on a large scale. This has created unemployment in the market.

Virus attacks and hacking

Viruses are created by hackers to steal the personal information of the user. These viruses can be found in pen drives, movie DVDs, or even mail. Such viruses can also prove to be harmful to the computer and can cause a breakdown.

Creating dependency

With our lives being dependent on computers, it becomes very difficult to complete tasks without them. If a computer breakdown or the internet server goes down for even a day, all our work will come to a halt.

Impact on the Environment

So many components are used in the making of a computer most of which cannot be recycled. If the system breaks down or gets old it is thrown away. Such activities create a negative impact on the environment.

Health issues

With long sitting hours, staring blankly at the screens has harmed the health of the people greatly. Spending long hours in front of the screen can cause redness in the eyes, weakening of the eyesight, backache due to a wrong sitting posture, and various such problems. Thus, long usage of computers should be avoided.

Loss of privacy

With so much being shared online from banking information to pictures on social media platforms, our lives are no longer restricted to just us. While this can be entertaining but to the extent that it is not being invaded by online frauds, hackers, or stalkers.

Lack of learning

With all the work being done online, from performing calculations to creating projects. The computer has limited the scope of learning in many ways. Students nowadays no more do their homework on their own, instead seek help online. This has proved harmful to their growing brain.

Being anti-social

With the introduction of so many ways to keep ourselves connected to everyone, people have completely forgotten their lives outside the world of computers and the internet. People spend hours messaging their friends and family away from them that they forget the presence of the ones close to them. This has created depression and social anxiety among the youth and even in many adults.


Just as a coin has two sides, there are both advantages and disadvantages of computer systems. It is now up to us how we use technology in our favor, keeping its negative impacts in mind.

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