Very often, various interesting questions and tasks are asked at interviews. Very often they ask to test the elevator, pencil, hatches.. Why this is being done – we will not say now. But to help the novice tester, they threw in a basic checklist for testing doors. You can add more checks in the comments.

Test Cases for Door

  1. Verify if the door is single door or bi-folded door
  2. Check if the door opens inwards or outwards
  3. Verify that the dimension of the doors are as per the specifications
  4. Verify that the material used in the door body and its parts is as per the specifications
  5. Verify that color of the door is as specified
  6. Verify if the door is sliding door or rotating door
  7. Check the position, quality and strength of hinges
  8. Check the type of locks in the door
  9. Check the number of locks in the door interior side or exterior side
  10. Verify if the door is having peek-hole or not
  11. Verify if the door is having stopper or not
  12. Verify if the door closes automatically or not – spring mechanism
  13. Verify if the door makes noise when opened or closed
  14. Check the door condition when used extensively with water
  15. Check the door condition in different climatic conditions- temperature, humidity etc
  16. Check the amount of force- pull or push required to open or close the door

Test Case Examples

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