Test Cases for Water Bottle

Test Cases for Water Bottle

Hello Friends, quite often we see that during software testing interviews, the interviewer asks about test cases or test scenarios of real-world objects. One such question is – “Test cases for water bottle”. Basically the interviewer wants to see if the candidate can think of the different test scenarios of a water bottle covering the different types of testing.

Before starting with the test cases, you should know that the following are actually test scenarios, not test cases as test cases have a well-defined structure or template that you can study from our tutorial – test case template.

Positive Test Cases for Water Bottle

Let’s see some positive test scenarios of water bottle, covering test cases on UI (User Interface), usability and functional test cases for a water bottle.

  1. Verify that the dimensions of the bottle are as per the specifications.
  2. Verify that the color of the bottle is as per the specifications.
  3. Verify the material used in the bottle.
  4. Verify the weight of the bottle is as per the specifications.
  5. Verify the type of the bottle – with a lid or without a lid.
  6. Check if the bottle is with a sipper or without a sipper.
  7. Measure the volume of water that can be stored in the bottle and check if the volume is as specified.
  8. Verify that bottle doesn’t leak when tilted or placed upside down.
  9. Verify that the lid of the bottle is firmly tightened with a bottle.
  10. Check the bottle’s condition with liquid of different temperatures.
  11. Check bottle’s condition with different liquids – water, tea, etc.
  12. Check the insulation of bottle – time for the liquid to achieves room temperature.
  13. Check the brittleness of the bottle’s material.
  14. Check if the expiry date is clearly mentioned or not.
  15. Verify the maximum temperature of the liquid allowed.
  16. Verify the minimum temperature of the liquid allowed.

Negative Test Cases for Water Bottle

Here, we will see some negative test scenarios, in which we will cover the test cases focusing on the stress testing or robustness of the water bottle when subjected to extreme conditions.

  1. Check the bottle’s condition on pouring liquid at a very high temperature, more than the permissible value.
  2. Check the bottle’s condition on pouring liquid at a very low temperature, less than the permissible value.
  3. Check the bottle’s condition when subjected to a very high temperature.
  4. Check the bottle’s condition on pouring liquid/gas at very high pressure, more than the normal pressure.

This completes our tutorial on “test cases for water bottle“. You can also share some more test cases via comments and we will add them to our list.

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