Open Source Performance Testing Tools

Open Source Performance Testing Tools

Performance testing of software is required to measure the performance – response time, scalability, correctness of the application at expected or higher work load. In this post, we will be presenting top 5 open source performance testing tools along their advantages and limitations.


jmeter tool
  • JMeter is one of the most popular performance testing tools in the market. It’s flexibility and online community support makes it an automatic choice over many of the paid tools also.
  • It can be used for performance testing of all kinds of applications ranging from – Web applications, web services, database, LDAP, shell scripts, etc.
  • Beginners may feel a little difficult to understand at first but once they get hold of this tool, it is very powerful and flexible. For JMeter tutorials refer to our Apache JMeter tutorials.
  • JMeter also distributed load testing features wherein one can create a master-slave setup for carrying out a load test on multiple devices.
  • Scripting is minimal in JMeter, it provides record and play option along with drag and drops feature. But it requires knowledge of regular expressions, web architecture, session variables, cookies, etc. for creating JMeter scripts.
  • Download Link – Apache JMeter Official Site.

The Grinder

  • The Grinder is a Java load testing framework.
  • It can be used to load test web applications, SOAP and REST Web services.
  • It requires scripting in Jython and Clojure languages.
  • After JMeter, it is one of the most widely used open-source performance testing tools because of its flexible scripting and distributed framework.


  • Gatling is a performance testing tool based on frameworks like Scala, Akka, and Netty.
  • Like JMeter, it also provides a scenario recording feature.
  • Scripting is done in the popular scala language.
  • It’s load test reports are very comprehensive and presentable.


  • JCrawler is an open-source performance testing tool for Web applications.
  • Unlike other tools, it works on crawling mechanism to find the URLs to be load tested.
  • It doesn’t require any scripting knowledge to work with JCrawler.
  • The starting URLs and desired hits/second parameters are configurable.


OpenLoad Tool
  • OpenWebLoad is an open-source load testing tool for Web applications.
  • It is a command-line tool and doesn’t require any scripting knowledge.
  • It provides real-time performance of the system under test.

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