pCloudy Review

The process of developing a mobile application is not complete until we are sure of its smooth working on various kinds of devices but practically it is almost impossible to test a newly developed mobile application on each and every mobile device existing in our target market.

To ease this diverse testing problem, there are specialized tools that provide an integrated platform to test mobile applications through a comprehensive set of mobile devices.

One such tool is pCloudy that gives both the options of testing our mobile application manually as well as automatedly. In basic terms, this is a cloud-based platform that not only tests our mobile apps but also certifies them based on their efficiency in working on various sets of devices.

PCloudy Features

Following two options are offered by pCloudy to get our app tested on diverse devices:

  • Manual testing option: This testing tool offers an easy manual testing option to the mobile developers. To start the process, we have to select the ‘upload’ option and then choose the desired file from our system. Once the file is uploaded to the cloud drive, we can search our targeted mobile devices in the available filters on which we want our app to be tested.

    Once the device or the devices are selected, we have to hit the ‘connect’ button in order to connect to the respective device(s). Once the device is connected, there will be a set of features displayed on the screen wherein the left pane will offer information regarding debugging and automation while the right pane will flash the performance vitals along with the device logs. Also, there will be a top pane that will offer some very user-friendly features and a timer that notifies the remaining time.

    Since it is a manual testing option, we need to install the application on the desired device in order to test its working. We can do this easily by choosing the ‘install’ feature from the left pane. When the app is installed, it is ready to undergo testing in exactly the same manner as if that device was really in your hand. We can simply test the working by scrolling the mouse and navigating through the features of the app.

  • Automated testing: Unlike manual testing, we don’t have to do much after choosing this test automation function. We only need to select the platform for testing and then the application that requires testing.

    We can also adjust the total time required for the testing cycle to get completed and name that cycle as well. We have to select the devices at once and the software will test the application itself on the selected devices as and when they are available.

    Also, we don’t need to add any hooks to the testing scripts and this platform will generate performance vitals automatically, which will eventually be displayed to us. An additional option of Appium Test Automation is also available wherein we can see the testing happening on selected devices in real-time and access our testing reports from the reports folder.

    These reports will include the required data in easy to understand formats such as videos and logs along with data regarding performance level.

  • Browser cloud: This feature allows users to access real time laptop devices wherein you can test your website applications. Most of the businesses have websites as the primary source of branding and communication, hence they are looking for testing platforms that can improve the overall performance of the website, make an impactful first impression and maintain a huge customer base.

    Testing your website in pCloudy’s browser cloud will ensure a stable and responsive user interface to provide a great digital experience. The factors that mostly obstruct the smooth functioning of a website are the various combinations of browsers, operating systems and devices available in the market. Performing cross browser testing on all the combinations requires a great time and effort.

    The pCloudy’s browser cloud, consists of a gamut of OS , browser and device combinations which will easily facilitate browser compatibility testing. Also pCloudy being a cloud platform which is ideal for parallel testing, increases the speed of testing web applications by multiple folds. These are some of the features which make pCloudy highly recommendable for testing and developing high performance web applications.

pCloudy’s Browser Cloud Teaser

Advantages of pCloudy

  • Reasonable prices: New Mobile app developers can go for this testing tool due to its affordable price range that starts at 49 dollars per month and also includes a period of free trial to its newly joined users.
  • Comprehensive set of devices: It is impossible to test the apps on all the devices but this tool offers a wide range which is as good as five hundred mobile devices operating on both android and iOS.
  • Provide statistics: Besides the testing reports, the tool also provides a clear insight into performance statistics on respective devices such as battery usage, memory occupied, internet usage, CPU usage, and much more. This also helps us identify the issues regarding battery drainage and excessive memory consumption on certain devices.
  • Other features in manual testing: Once we opt for a manual testing option, the tool also offers us additional features linked to the respective devices such as the option to reboot the device, increase or decrease its volume, access to play store, and device settings. We can also use and set the location of the device and toggle the internet connection.
  • Parallel testing: Even if we have selected the option of manually testing our application, we can run the automation testing simultaneously.
  • Bug reports: We also get information regarding existing and potential bugs so as to implement our debugging process accordingly.
  • User friendly: The tool is very user-friendly and even the automation testing reports are easy to understand. The features are not complex yet detailed.


Conclusively, pCloudy has a huge pile of advantages and user-friendly features with almost negligible disadvantages. The analysis of reviews of this software by actual users majorly brings out positive inference about the tool.

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