What is WWW? World Wide Web

What is WWW? World Wide Web

These days it’s far not possible to even imagine a world without the net and all of us are acquainted with the cause for the same. The internet has made matters feasible for human beings in numerous aspects because it gives offerings like online gaming, net telephony, electronic mail, and so forth.

A lot of people are confused that the WWW (World Wide Web) and Internet are the same things. Although they are closely linked they are very different systems. In this article we are going to learn about WWW, working, and how it is different from the internet.

What is WWW?

WWW, which stands for World Wide Web, is a subset of the internet. It is also known as W3 or web. WWW refers to all the web pages or online content that is available on the internet in HTML formatted manner. The web pages and documents available on the internet are connected via hyperlinks.

The information available on the web pages can be of various formats consisting of text, image, audio, and video. The WWW or World Wide Web was developed by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN (European library for Nuclear Research) in 1989.

Working On the World Wide Web

WWW is a set of websites linked on the internet that is used for sharing and searching for information. WWW is based on the client-server approach. The main technologies consisting of the world wide web are Web browsers, HTML, and HTTP.

Web Browsers

With the help of a Web browser, users can access a web page by simply entering a URL in the address bar of the Web browser. Here the Web browser acts as a client requesting documents or files from the server.


The Web Pages are created with the help of HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It determines the structure of web pages with the help of various tags i.e. ‘heading’, ‘paragraph’, ‘table’ etc, and elements.


HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It acts as the foundation of the world wide web and defines the communication between browsers and servers. It is an application layer protocol describing the format and action of the messages on the webserver to which the browser acts as a client responds.

Features of the WWW

  • World Wide Web is cross-platform.
  • With the help of a web browser, a lot of different services on the web can use a single medium.
  • WWW is open-source and distributed.

Difference between Internet and WWW

  • WWW is more software-based whereas the Internet is primarily based on hardware.
  • The World Wide Web uses HyperText Transfer Protocol whereas the Internet uses Internet Protocol.
  • WWW is responsible for connecting various data with the help of an electronic connection whereas the Internet connects various devices.
  • WWW uses a URL to locate or identify a specific web page or document whereas the internet uses the IP address for the identification of the client.


Hence, from this article, we can conclude that via the net www is accessed which displays pages on the screen of the device within an international vicinity. So, we can say, the net connects devices even as the web connects human beings.

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