Test Cases for Stapler

Test Cases for Stapler

In this post, we will cover functional as well non-functional test cases or test scenarios for stapler.

  1. Verify that the stapler staples the paper firmly.
  2. Verify that the stapler works correctly with a maximum number of paper sheets or a maximum width of papers to be stapled.
  3. Verify that stapler works correctly with materials other than paper that are commonly stapled things like cartridge sheet.
  4. Verify the pressure required to staple is not too high.
  5. Verify that the maximum number of pins that can be placed in a stapler at a time is as per the specification.
  6. Verify the dimension of the stapler.
  7. Verify the outer material of the stapler.
  8. Verify the color of the stapler’s outer body is as per the specifications.
  9. Verify the width of the pins used in the stapler.
  10. Verify that the component to unstaple is present in the stapler(usually at the end).

Test Case Examples

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